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Ebrahim Adam

about me

Ebrahim Adam grew up in Singapore, a city-state with scarce land and little opportunities for action/extreme sports to gain a following. 
His passion for photography started in 2005 when he used his fiancee's camera to take pictures during his long motorcycle rides.


Ebrahim pursued street photography as a hobby after getting his own camera as a wedding gift. In 2016, a friend asked if he would like to take photos for a motocross race in Johor, Malaysia. The experience was a challenge for him to get creative shots while capturing the fast -paced action of the race. This lead him to explore creative inspirations and new techniques to capture images of action sports athletes displaying their finesse. He has photographed sports such as motocross, skateboard, BMX, parkour, kite surfing and wakeboarding.


2019 was a break-out year for Ebrahim Adam, as he entered local and international photography competitions to showcase his work. He won a few local competitions and his works was recognised in the RedBull Illume Image Quest for 2019. These motivations encourage him to photograph the action sports and adventure scene in Singapore.

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